After years in private security seeing women assaulted and hating it, I decided to step up and do something to stop the brutality against women, by putting all my knowledge and experience from martial arts and violence to create this training program for women’s self-defence.


Now, why do women need self-defence?

You are a woman, You are honour, You do not allow anyone put their hands on you without paying a price. If this isn't your mentality right now, You are a victim waiting to happen! 7 in 10 women in the UK are violently abused and sexually assaulted by someone close. Also, with the current COVID situation, many women are stuck and trapped at home with abusive partners and relatives, the number of female victims is on the rise right now and not much is being done about it.


Liverpool UK, 2020, Alexandra Reid took her own life, only days after she made a statement to police about the physical, mental and financial abuse her partner subjected her to. Currently, domestic abuse victims are dropping charges against violent ex-partners after growing frustrated by court delays caused by the pandemic.

Read the news, see for yourself. You need to take back control of Your life, Your confidence, and Your dignity. If You don't want to be a victim, then this course is for You. VIEW COURSE